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Choose Freedom: The Journey Don L. Sutton

Choose Freedom: The Journey

Don L. Sutton

Published July 25th 2005
ISBN : 9781413783797
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 About the Book 

Choose Freedom: The Journey is the true story of one manas journey back to health, happiness, and love. It is the story of a boy turned man, a failure turned success, a broken soul repaired. He lived a life tarnished by drug and alcohol abuse- a life damaged by physical, mental, and sexual abuse- in short, a life that most people would have given up. There was a time when suicide seemed to be the only redemption for this manas life of total darkness. Then one day, over eighteen years ago, a ray of light began to peek through the clouds. It was a day of deliverance from a lifetime of bondage. The author hopes and prays that someone, somewhere, will be drawn to this book and the discoveries within. He hopes that his journey back will help at least one person. Maybe, just maybe, that someone could be you