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A Ribald Tale of the Road Greg Waiss

A Ribald Tale of the Road

Greg Waiss

Published November 18th 2008
ISBN : 9780595525263
292 pages
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 About the Book 

Billy and Juan stop in Roadkill, Montana, each week after bouncing around in their 18-wheeler delivering goods to convenience stores. The roads routine leads them into mischief, where youll meet the colorful townspeople of Roadkill. Sheriff Willowtree questions why Billy is driving through the town with Juan perched on top of the semi-trailer, screaming his lungs out. Billy says Juan is turbo-breathing: sucking air into his lungs to give more power to his piston to prepare for his tryst with Annie, the town hooker.Jessica, lovely owner of Roadkills cafe, is lonely and confused as her feelings for Billy build. With Billy she can talk about things most townspeople wont discuss. But he is an out-of-town trucker, always on the move.Sensual Kate, daughter of a local rancher, has no reservations. She is immediately drawn to Billy when they meet at a revival meeting. Billy is equally enamored with Kate as well, but theres the little problem of her fiance, a former college boxing champion.And then there are the Three Montanans- Dave, Pete, and Rigor Mortis Mike, who give Billy and Juan a run for their money when it comes to playing pranks. Who will win?